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TimeOut - Barcelona guidebook

Probably the best Barcelona guidebook around. Much more than just a tourist guide this Barcelona guide is higly recommended and xbarcelonas favourite!

350 Pages
ISBN: 014100836


Lonely Planet : Barcelona Damien Simonis

Barcelona is the capital city of the Cataluna province, which has its own language and character. This guide contains detailed notes and illustrations on architecture, walking tours, accommodation for all budgets, day trips to the wine regions, and a language and pronunciation guide.

244 Pages
Lonely Planet Publications
ISBN: 0864426070


Footprint Barcelona Handbook
Mary-Ann Gallagher

A useful alternative for the short break traveller, this guide covers both the coastal and inland regions of Catalunya, the Barcelona Handbook provides information on one of Europe's finest destinations. It offers suggestions on what to see, where to sleep and where to eat, plus comprehensive coverage area by area of Barcelona from Barri Gotic to the Zona Alta and outlying districts. Also provided are practical tips on city transport, special tourist services and emergency numbers. Background information on architecture, art and crafts and literature is also included. .

304 Pages
Footprint Handbooks
ISBN: 3829701128


Lonely Planet: Barcelona Condensed
Martin Hughes

This guide to Barcelona contains information on accommodation to suit all budgets, restaurants, local cuisine, nightlife, history, culture and places to visit.

128 Pages
Lonely Planet Publications
ISBN: 1740593359


Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell

In 1936 Orwell went to Spain to report on the Civil War and instead joined the fight against the Fascists. This famous account describes the war and Orwell's experiences.

264 Pages
Harvest Books
ISBN: 0156421178

Barcelona by Robert Hughes

Focussing on the architectural foundations of this Mediterranean city, the author's account of Barcelona's growth in relation to the region of Catalunya, Spain and Europe also features political, economic and military insights

592 Pages
The Harvill Press
ISBN: 1860466346

Billy and Jesus Are Off to Barcelona
Deirdre Purcell

Billy is an ordinary sixteen-year-old living on Dublin's Northside. Jesus, on the other hand is a rich and beautiful boy who travels from Barcelona to live with Billy's family for 3 weeks. The plan is that Billy will go back with Jesus on a return visit. No-one should make plans.

64 Pages
New Island Books
ISBN: 1902602161

Homage to Barcelona Colm Toibin

This title is a personal and carefully research account of Barcelona, from its founding to its huge growth in the 19th century. The author covers the city's: history; art and architecture; great churches and museums; cafes; port life; restaurants and fashionable nightclubs.

224 Pages
ISBN: 0330373560

Barcelona +

Barcelona +" is a project born of the city and its environs; the urban nexus as a generator of actions and attitudes that seek to respond to what surrounds us. This volume aims to speak of an attitude more than of a profession. In that respect the city effects decision-making and generates very different and rich perceptions and readings, like a magnet which receives and generates energy from both the people living there and that which penetrates it. The actor aims to understand his own theatre, converses and interacts with it, rebels against it. In this instance the actors are graphic designers, industrialists, architects, photographers and all those who via their work converse with the city, with culture and with everything that forms part of our lives. The theatre is the city of Barcelona.

288 Pages
ISBN: 8495273683

Barcelon Gráfica von America Sanchez

America Sanchez has photographed and arranged some 1,825 examples of Barcelona urban graphic art: shop signs, door numbers, vignettes, allegories, emblems and pictograms which illustrate the uses of the city and make them legible. In so doing, Sanchez has rescued from anonymity a multitudinous cast of spontaneous graphic artists: sign-writers, painters, engravers, carvers, smiths, stained-glass workers. With this book, America Sanchez makes a cultural contribution as important, if not more so, as his estimable work as a graphic designer. As a result, Barcelona can see itself in the mirror of its anonymous graphic art and thereby recoup another aspect of its enormously rich heritage.

Spanish, English, Catalan, Japan
496 Pages
ISBN: 8425218500


Culture Shock! : Barcelona at Your Door (Culture Shock! at Your Door)
Mark Cramer

Most chroniclers of Barcelona are seduced by the city's extraordinary setting. Barcelona seems to have everything. But how do all these aspects connect? How does an avant-garde blues festivals relate to the traditional Catalunya dance form of the sardana? How does the city's anticlerical historical events mesh with its religious commitments? How can one place be both Gothic and modernist? How do the somber sardana tones fit with the bold colors of Miro? How can a people be so staunchly conservative and yet so tenaciously revolutionary? Forget the 'city of contrasts' cliche. Allow Mark Cramer's Barcelona to help you make the right connections, for everything from fitting in with local social and business customs to such everyday tasks as finding an apartment or opening a bank account.

196 Pages
Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company
ISBN: 1558685375

Living and Working in Spain von David Hampshire

Living and Working in Spain is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of practical information available about everyday life in Spain. It's packed with over 450 pages of important and useful data, designed to help you avoid costly mistakes and save both time and money.

468 Pages
Survival Books
ISBN: 190113041X

The New Spaniards von John Hooper

Over 30 million foreigners travel to Spain every year - more than any other country, yet all but a handful see little of the country besides the holiday costas. This book describes the real Spain that has emerged since the death of Franco, a country of immense industrial and cultural creativity, of police trade unions and wife-swapping bars, a federal monarchy with a tax-paying king, a welfare state in which three-quarters of the unemployed do not qualify for assistance. Unlike many books on Spain, this book eschews politics to focus on the society and how it functions. The book won the Allen Lane Award.

496 Pages
Penguin Books
ISBN: 0140131914

Live and Work in Spain and Portugal
Elisabeth Roberts, Jonathan Packer

This guide is designed for anyone interested in living or working temporarily or permanently, starting a business, retiring, or just buying a holiday home in Spain or Portugal. It contains major sections devoted to entry regulations and permits, and permanent employment and careers in the region, including types of job available, job hunting techniques, applying, interviews, salary details as well as an industrial guide and list of major employers. It also includes case histories and background information on the way of life including facts on buying a home, city and regional guides, the health and education systems.

351 Pages
Vacation Work
ISBN: 1854582852

Culture Shock! Spain M.L. Graff

The ability to work well within the Spanish culture is essential for business people working in Spain and foreigners living in Spain. This book is written specifically for individuals and their spouses, and organisations seeking a way through the cultural minefield. This book will help you adapt to the customs and etiquette of Spain.

? Pages
ISBN: 1857330420
The Xenophobe's Guide to the Spanish von Drew Launay

A guide to understanding the Spanish that views them with the same light-hearted attitude that they themselves display in life. A funny little book covering issues such as Nationalism and Identity, Attitudes and Values, Manners and Behaviour, Drinking and Eating, Custom and Tradition, Sense of Humour, Culture, Systems, Business and Commerce etc...

64 Pages
ISBN: 1902825438



Barcelona Club Flyers

Barcelona traditionally possesses a genuine cosmopolitan talent and a cultural appetite which has always kept it in touch with the main European cultural currents. Its flyers show this cosmopolitanism. These small pieces of coloured paper encountered in various bars, clubs and shops in the city announce things like a DJ's performance or the opening of a new club. Wishing to put this new graphic design spin-off on record, the editor has selected 500 flyers by 30 designers, which have been making the rounds of Barcelona since the late 1990s.

360 Pages
ISBN: 8489698252

Barcelona: a Guide to Recent Architecture
Suzanna Strum

This guide looks at a broad range of architecture and urbanism in Barcelona, providing an understanding of the historical and political contexts that have shaped it. It focuses on significant projects built since 1990 as well as providing practical information for vistors.

320 Pages
B.T. Batsford
ISBN: 1841660051



Guia del ocio

Weekly Barcelona pocket guide containing listings about movies, gigs, theater, music, art as well as tv guide, restaurant and club listings.


€ 0.90




Fashion, art, design, architecture, bars, restaurants und nightlife guide in Spanish and English containing a lot of beautiful and photos of products and places. For fashion victims and design junkies.




A5 format

ca. 250 Pages

€ 2.70



Suite Magazine dedicated to trends, design, music, fashion, culture etc...


monthly free



Dedicated to independent quality music (electronic,indie pop/rock, hip hop &rare grooves). Music content and reviews are mixed with news, infomation about gigs and festivals, interviews, special reports, records reviews and a music agenda...


monthly free


AB Magazine

AB is a trend magazine that has been around for 8 years. 36000 issues monthly and dedicated to fashion, art, music, trends, club culture, urban lifestyle...


monthly free



Scope is a free-Magazin dedicated to the moving images such as cinéma, movies, TV, video as well as net-art and electronic art.


monthly free (Fnac)

Circulation 45000


Michelin Barcelona Mini-Spiral Atlas (2040)

Michelins handy Barcelona Map. Spiralbounded at a 1:12000 scale (1cm=120m) with useful details such as house numbers markets, swimming pools, one ways, metro stations adn street live and work in Barcelona this is a must!

English, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish
129 Pages
ISBN: 2062040008

Michelin Barcelona Map (41)

Same as abov but as foldout Map at a 1:12000 scale (1cm=120m) with useful details such as house numbers markets, swimming pools, one ways, metro stations adn street live and work in Barcelona this is a must!

English, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish
ISBN: 2067000411